About Visa Application Center

About Visa Application Center

Visa Application Center is a private service company that performs visa related work, permitted by The Ministry of Justice of The Republic of Korea in accordance with the law applicable in the Republic of Korea, however, it is not a derivative of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea. The main tasks of Visa Application Center are as follow:

  • 1Represent the Embassy of South Korea to receive any passport, visa application requirement document and other documents belongs to visa applicant.
  • 2Submit basic information and additional information in relation to visa application in the visa portal operated by the Government of Republic of Korea.
  • 3Provide service to represent applicant in submitting relevant document (passport, visa, other document) to the Embassy of South Korea.
  • 4Represent the Embassy of Korea to receive payment of visa and application service to issue visa for applicant.
  • 5Deliver information about visa and provide service to respond to question via Visa Application Center website, information desk, phone calls, and email.
  • 6Provide any services required by visa applicant other than the aforementioned.

Visa Application Fee

Visa Application Center charges visa service fee in addition to the visa fee as set by Consulate.

  • 1Individu : 240,000 IDR / person

Benefit of Visa Application Center Service

  • 1. Internet Service

    We provide information about various types of visa and visa application procedure, and provide online service to answer questions or check the visa application process status.

  • 2. Customer Service

    For customer’s convenience, we have provided several reception counters and officers to provide simple information in the center. In addition, we also provide various travel information required to visit Korea and additional service for visa application.

  • 3. Save Queue Time

    We provide high quality services, such as save queue time by using separate queueing system between the line for travel agent and for individual.

  • 4. Service Quality Monitoring

    All services in Visa Application Center are monitored in real-time to support the precision of work and solve every emergency problems.

Company that operates Visa Application Center

Korea Visa Application Center is operated by PT. KOREA VISA CENTER JAKARTA.
As a company that operates the Korea Visa Application Center, PT. KOREA VISA CENTER JAKARTA strictly complies with Indonesian law and regulation.