Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Visa Application Center

Article 1 (General)
1-1. This terms and conditions agreement aims to set the right and responsibility of Visa Application Center, Embassy and Consulate of the Republic of Korea, and the applicant in regards to the provision of visa application service by Visa Application Center for visa applicant.
Article 2 (Definition)
  • 1) ‘Embassy’ refers to the Embassy of Republic of Korea for the Republic of Indonesia.
  • 2) ‘Visa Application Center’ refers to institution that provides various services related to the submission of Korea visa application by applicant according to the procedure set by the Embassy of Republic of Korea.
  • 3) ‘Visa Applicant’ refers to applicant or third party entrusted to apply for Korea visa in Visa Application Center, including individual, travel agent, and other visa agents.
  • 4) ‘Personal Information’ refers to all personal information listed on all the documents submitted by visa applicant, such as name, sex, date of birth, passport information, nationality, phone number, address, work place, and others.
  • 5) 'Visa Application Fee' is the fee received by Visa Application Center from the applicant in accordance with the regulation of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea.
  • 6) 'Visa Service Fee' is the fee charged by Visa Application Center in regards to providing visa service.
  • 7) 'Visa Receipt' is the only document that proves that visa applicant has submitted application document and paid the visa fee to Visa Application Center, and it must be shown when collecting the passport after the visa is issued.
Article 3 (Visa Application Center Service)
Visa Application Center carries out several tasks as follow:
  • 1) Visa Application Center only functions as visa service agent for the Embassy of Republic of Korea and does not involve in the decision making of the Embassy.
  • 2) Represent the Embassy of South Korea to receive visa application document.
  • 3) Submit and maintain basic information and additional information relatd to visa application.
  • 4) Provide services to represent applicant in submitting the relevant documents (passport, visa, other document) to the Embassy and Consulate division.
  • 5) Represent the Embassy of Korea to receive visa payment and application service to issue the applicant’s visa in accordance with the procedure.
  • 6) Deliver information related to the visa and provide services to respond to questions via Visa Application Center website, information desk, phone call and email.
  • 7) Provide free or paid services required by visa applicant other than the aforementioned.
Article 4 (Right and Obligation of the Embassy and Consulate)
  • 1) The Embassy is entitled to approve or decline visa application submission and Visa Application Center is not involved in the decision making of the Embassy or Consulate.
  • 2) The Embassy of the Republic of Korea is entitled to ask the applicant to submit document, information or additional material (in this regards, it is referred to as “additional document ") for the interest of visa application document examination.
  • 3) The Embassy is entitled to determine the required time in setting the issuance of visa or matters related to visa applicant.
Article 5 (Right and Obligation of Visa Applicant)
  • 1) Visa applicant must provide accurate information and matches the fact when filing in the visa application document.
  • 2) Visa applicant must pay the visa fee according to the type of visa applied. However, regardless whether the visa is accepted or declined, applicant must pay the application fee and visa service fee to Visa Application Center and fees that are already paid, cannot be refunded.
  • 3) Visa applicant can submit question related to visa application through the website of Visa Application Center, information desk, phone call and email. However, the information delivered to visa applicant only functions as general information and does not imply any promise or guarantee of visa application, and Visa Application Center has no legal responsibility.
  • 4) After receiving the visa receipt, applicant must check whether the information written on the receipt has matched with the applied visa. Should there be any mistake, applicant must immediately request a revision at Visa Application Center.
  • 5) After receiving the visa, applicant must check whether the issud visa is in accordance with the applied visa. Should there be any mistake, please immediatelt inform Visa Application Center. However, if the mistake was made by the applicant, then all revision and visa re-issuance fee will be charged to applicant.
  • 6) Applicant is requested to adjust the visa application time with the plan of departure to Korea. The duration of visa process as listed on the website is the general standard of duration in visa processing without any issues during the examination. The visa processing may proceed longer should there be any special condition occur, such as lack of document, confirmation on the submitted original document, and others.
  • 7) Applicant must collect passport and issued visa before the visa active period ends. Visa Application Center has no obligation to keep passport and visa post the collection date.
Article 6 (Additional Service)
In addition to visa application fee, applicant may pay additional fee to use additional service such as photo print, photocopy and printing, courier, and etc. However, courier service is additional service provided for the convenience of visa applicant by separate company, not from Visa Application Center.
Article 7 (Responsibility)
  • 1) Visa Application Center will pay the compensation of passport re-issuance, in case of lost or damage on the passport submitted by applicant to Visa Application Center throughout the visa retention period. However, applicant must provide the passport re-issuance payment receipt and this may not mean that everything shall be the responsibility of Visa Application Center.
  • 2) Visa Application Center is not responsible for case of delayed or declined visa application caused by applicant not following the applicable procedure.
  • 3) Visa Application Center has no legal responsibility in case of lost or damaged document and passport caused by natural disaster, warfare or emergency.
Article 8 (Personal Information)
  • 1) Visa Application Center collects visa applicant’s personal information to provide visa admission service.
  • 2) Visa Application Center cannot provide visa admission service when applicant does not provide personal information or dissapprove the collection, usage or delivery of personal information.
  • 3) Application must read Privacy Policy of Visa Application Center before submitting visa application. Please visit www.visaforkorea.com<. to read the Privacy Policy of Visa Application Center.
  • 4) Provacy Policy explains about applicant’s rights in relation to the collection, usage or delivery of personal information.
  • 5) In order to improve the service quality, the contentc of phone conversation with Visa Application Center may be recorded and CCTV installation to maintain the security of Visa Application Center.
Article 9 (Fee and Currency)
  • 1) All fees paid by applicant to Visa Application Center must be paid in Rupiah. All fees other than visa application fee are VAT included.
  • 2) Payment by using currency other than Rupiah is not allowed in visa application submission.
  • 3) All fees listed on the website may change without any notification.
Article 10 (Revision and Removal of Provision)
Visa Application Center appointment may be revised, cancelled, or removed without prior notice.
Article 11 (Dispute Resolution)
Any dispute or legal claim raised in relation to visa application must be settled by the court of “Visa Application Center”.