Visa Application Center is a company trusted and appointed as visa application agency by the Embassy of Republic of Korea to administer various types of visa applicatino and performs administrative works equal to foreign policy. This Privacy Policy explains about how Visa Application Center collects, uses, delivers, and manages information from individual and both countries may use it for the following purposes:
The objective of collection, usage, and delivery of personal information
Applicant must fill in the visa application form with personal data, such as name, photograph, address, date of birth, phone number, passport information, birth certificate, income status, nationality status, marital status, occupation information, criminal records, and education status. The personal information will be collected as legitimate evidence to the Government of Republic of Korea or Visa Application Center. The personal information can be collected, used, or delivered for visa application purpose or visa application for the following purpose:
- To carry out duty/function related to the inssuance of various types of visa, area entry permit, travel document, and etc.
- To answer questions available on the visa application form.
- To answer questions about application states received at Visa Application Center
- To provide information evidence to the Embassy and Government of Korea
Providing personal information is optional. However, it is important to know that when an applicant decline the request to provide personal information, the the serboce to be provided will become limited. Visa Application Center that functions as representative agency to the Embassy of Korea for the Republic of Indonesia in providing various services to handle questions related to visa application status and visa application process through call center, online, and email.
Data and information that are specific about visa application received at Visa Application Center are saved in the internal server of Visa Application Center and in data center located in Korea. This information can be used and delivered by Visa Application Center to meet a set of mandatory duties of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea and will be erased within 14 days after the information is received at Visa Application Center.
Delivery of personal information
Visa Application Center does not deliver personal information illegally. Visa Application Center will deliver or send applicant’s information other than the point in this document. Personal information is only to be used for the objective of providing service and perform various obligations. However, if neccessary, Visa Application Center may provide personal information (in terms of court order, Visa Application Center service legal process, the exercise of legal rights, safeguarding from legal damage, investigation in criminal act, national security, prevention of criminal act, investigation, detention, legal claim). Service Provision Agreement: Visa Application Center can deliver (or use) personal information to third party service provider, such as courier services, SMS, and call center. The third party service provider only receives limited information required for the determined tasks and cannot use or deliver informaiton for personal interest. For example, when a visa applicant wishes to use courier service, then Visa Application Center can deliver personal information such as name, address and phone number of the applicant to the courier service provider. This third party service provider is also required to comply with the security and privacy policy set by Visa Application Center.
Cookies Policy
Cookies is a file or information saved in computer system or internet when the user visits the website of Visa Application Center. Visa Application Center uses cookie to ease the users in visiting the website. Visa Application Center is unable to identify the users personally through this information. The website of Visa Application Center provides specific features that are only available through the usage of cookie. Cookie helps in identifying applicant or website user to stay connected. Most of the cookies are "Session Cookies," hence all information on hardware will be automatically erased after applicant/website user finishes using it. After several visits to the website, "Persistent Cookies" will remain in the hardware. Applicant/website user can receive cookie from link or third party website, which is beyong the control of Visa Application Center. Should you wish to access Visa Application Center website, user has to approve the usage of cookie beforehand. If user dissapprove then user will not be able to access the Visa Application Center website. If the user cannot use cookie, then it may affect the usage of Visa Application Center website environment.
Visa Application Center respond spam in strict manner. The Visa Application Center website or communication tool will not send spam message or notification to you about violation on Terms and Conditions of the Visa Application Center User Agreement. Visa Application Center’s filter and auto-scan feature will detect virus or other illegal content prior to send message. Should you wish to report issues related to spam to Visa Application Center, feel free to email us ( Visa Application Center does not keep all email messages or any received file types permanently. Visa Application Center does not send email address to third party illegally. Applicant who misuse the Visa Application Center website, such as adding, modifying, damaging, hacking the content will be considered as illegal action.
Visa Application Center has implemented measures to protect personal information under the management and control of the Company. We provide management, technical, physical, and structured pretection to protect personal information under the management and control of the Company. However, Visa Application Center is not responsible on the access, usage, modification, damage, or leakage due to actions by irresponsible party.
Storage and destruction of personal information
Application document provided for applicant will not be copied or saved by Visa Application Center. All documents, including additional document, printed document, form and others contain of personal information will be destroyed according to the procedure within 14 days after applicant’s passport is collected. Applicant’s personal information will be saved in electronic form until 14 days after applicant’s passport is returned to support applicant who requires additional information in the future. Visa Application Center conducted handling or destruction of personal information saved in storage tool safely. Visa Application Center will erase all information saved in the storage tool (archiving cabinet, computer, disc, audio tape, etc) to prevent illegal access from irresponsible external party.
Visa Application Center and third party of service provider can provide personal information to fulfill the search warrnt, other investigation under the protection of law, instruction or investigation agency elated to the violation of agreement, law, or applicable regulation. If neccessary, Visa Application Center may also provide personal information to agenct, lawyer, or other legal entity.
Third Party Website (link)
Visa Application Center Website contains the link to third party website for the purpose of sales promotion of various product and services that is not owned or operated by Visa Application Center. Website link with paid advertisement is provided for the convenience of customer. Visa Application Center has no direct relation with the relevant pages. Before visiting the website, it is suggested to examine the content carefully. Visa Application Center, Board of Directors, or representative have no legal responsibility upon the information and website that are not verified or approved by Visa Application Center or its affiliates.
Provacy Policy Modification
Privacy policy may change from time to time, hence applicant is suggested to visit the website periodically to check the latest policy.
Contact Us
Please contact for questions regarding privacy policy or latest policy as mentioned above.